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for arizona, but it does not work for the united states. observations that the population of arizona has simply gone to other states is accurate. so what arizona has tried to do while an effort at the state level to address the impact of illegal immigration is not a sound policy in the framework of what we need to do as a nation. those hyperbolic claims of racism reflects a racist construct of how our community works together and it's just as destructive as those who are motivated to demand a purge of all non-native born from the basis of a racist ideology and i for swain, enough. we need a sane approach. secure sovereign borders, account for those without lawful authority. engage in necessary bureaucratic reform and engage all levels of government for ongoing, internal enforcement and let me elab eate a little on that because i think that's what todd wanted to hear from me. secure our sovereign borders. our border must be operationally secure for several important reasons. number one, there isnis an inte security component. five years, peopleitarianed at the border from every country on
rate of undocumented population growth in the united states. simple equation in demography. net migration equals in migration minus out migration. you don't affect in migration, you dramatically reduce out migration, net migration increases. that's the sort of the rapid growth of undocumented migration into the united states. by militarizing the border with our closest trading partner, closest neighbor, with canada in the hemisphere, we didn't solve the problem of illegal migration. we made it worse. we transformed what had been a circular flow of male workers going to three states and turned it into a settled population of families living in 50 states, and double the net rate of undocumented population growth in the process. so now we have 11 million people living in this country out of status. and these people are a great loss, represent a great loss of human capital to the nation, because there is nowhere for them to go. they cannot use their skills to their utmost productivity. they cannot use their education. they are confined to a black market, informal sector in the unite
disruptive not only in a conflict can be destructive to the united states but other countries as well and that is one of the things about military operations in cyberspace with cascading effect that are hard to predict. we have concerns about this and this is why we created joint military platforms like a strategic security dialogue to talk about issues that we feel our potential for friction in the u.s./china relationship. cyber is one of those areas. we don't talk about space, nuclear and missile defense areas as part of the strategic dialogue. >> you mentioned last year spending was almost double what the public acknowledgment was. what things will you give us as examples that they are spending on this year? you did not speculate on the number but what they are spending on this year but not publicly acknowledged? >> we think their nuclear force modernization occurs and research and development money that goes through their defense industry we also think is from a different budget, a different account. some foreign acquisitions come from a different account as well and some local co
in the united states peaked. between 2008 and 2009 it actually fell from 12 million to 11 million people. since 2009, it's held steady at 11 -- probably trending downward. on a net basis, illegal mig sgrags now zero or negative. the border is in fact under control. the number of apprehensions -- 22,000 officers and they're having a harder time finding anybody to arrest. apprehensions at the mexico-u.s. border are now lower than at any time since 1972. have more and more officers chasing fewer and fewer people. part of this is the collapse in labor demand. particularly in residential home construction. after the great recession of 2008. but it's also been because the united states is quietly, without anybody really noticing, dramatically expanded temporary legal migration. given the choice, of course, migrants would much rather come here with legal documents. and in 2010, there were 517,000 -- 537,000 entries of mexicans into the united states with temporary work visas. the largest number of in history. so one of the reasons that illegal mig sgrags down is because opportunity have opened up in t
the united states and when i do, almost everywhere i go people, i'll ask them to raise hands. i do these informal polls. how many of you think that immigration is involved in national security and the hands go up. and rational people can argue how we're going to ration stuff. how many want flexible working conditions bi-nationally. hands go up. expand human rights, some hands go up. ours in a nation built on liberties, not on human rights but some of the things are similar. how many want a reduction in the noise along the border, all the hands go up. i will make one clarification and point here. i think, it's my experience that the border communities do suffer very significant financial cost and criminal justice law enforcement health care, education, et cetera. the nation as a whole benefits phenomenally from migration, but the cost and joys of migration are not evenly distributed. how many of you want to see a reduction in the political violence and the cartel stuff activities in mexico, all the hands go up, but we don't know quite how to deal with that and we are not willing to
to say what is up there on the subhead -- debt is about a permanent part of the united states public policy in migration. -- death is now a permanent part of the united states public policy and migration. i have had the argument. we are not choosing that. you could tell that in 1998. maybe in 2000. but when you have the exact same results year after year after year and to spend no new resources to produce -- to reduce the number of migrant debts, it is now public policy. when you damn the organizations that are out there working to reduce the number of deaths, then you have said that is acceptable. debt is now a permanent part of the public policy -- death is now a permanent part of the public policy to deter migration. that, my friends, is immoral. it should not happen. let me just point out, there has been more than 2000 documented, measured, located death dots in arizona since november of 1999. some of those dots are on top of dtos. -- on top of dots. homeland security provided certain amount of information that about 70% of deaths in the last decade or so were found by other offi
states. hispanic children are at the highest level of poverty in the history of the united states. i think the challenge is not how to bring them over to immigration reform or dialogue. just to make sure the latino community knows these facts and understands the failure of president obama. >> i agree with you there is a lot of ammunition. these comments about self deportation have indicated to some in the community he does not have respect for them. go to south texas and talk to latino ranch and farm owners and small businesses and members of the hispanic community. they are hard asses because they are the first to feel the adverse affect. cartels are shooting at them. are competing for jobs. there are a lot of reasons why they are hard asses but they do want to know the presidential candidate has respect for the community and in recognition this is not all a mexican problem. half the people here illegally came from hong kong the, nigeria on a visa and overstating it. the fact that all the people from central america are unworthy is a real problem. >> thank you. >> we will get behind
interest in japan including strail, great britain, the netherlands, and the united states and the japanese. it shows the asian perimeter as it was before the war. and this was volatile to act out the stage of battle right here on december 7th, 1941. in order to show both sides of this, it shows the kind of the social structure of the united states, the political structure of the united states, and also the military structure of the united states. these are the newsreels that people watched in their theaters. this was their interpretation of the going crisis. this part of kpibs highlights the idea of espionage and code breaking. this machine here the purple decoder machine actually was scrambling the codes japanese had for their diplomatic mission. in fact, we were so good at this we were reading their diplomatic mail quicker than they were. this played a principal role. documents like this which is the war plan for the united states navy, wpl how the navy would conduct itself once the war started. it was believed by many that war would start somewhere out there not come out here to pearl h
that's the reason i'm running for a second term as president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] .. >> his working assumption is, if ceos and wealthy investors like camera get rich, and the rest of us automatically will, too. there was a woman in iowa who shared heard stories of the financial struggles, and he gave her an answer right out of an economic textbook. he said are part activity equals our income. [laughter] and the notion was that somehow the reason people can't pay their bills is because they are not working hard enough. if they got more productive, then suddenly their incomes would go up. well, those of us who spent time in the real world -- [laughter] know the problem isn't the american people are not productive enough. you've been working harder than ever. the challenge we face right now, and the challenge we faced for over a decade is that harder work has not led to higher income. and bigger profits at the top have that lead to better jobs. what governor romney doesn't seem to get is that a healthy economy doesn't just mean a few folks in ma
qaeda and foiled the plot to blow up a united states bound airliner. the mole got inside access to a key bomb cell in yemen and we are told he gained the terrorists trust and turned on them. the new and sophisticateed underwear bomb not hands of the united states agent. this appears to an big victory for united states intelligence because this are few known instances of u.s. supplies infiltrating a terrorist group. and the spy is reportedly safely out of yemen now, but sources tell fox there could be more bombs out there. the suspected mastermind is a yemen-based bombmaker who set his own brother on a suicide mission to kill a saudi prince. with a device implanted inside his body. it is also suspected of a failed 2010 cargo plant and a failed christmas day bombing a year earlier, and this was an upgrated version of the bomb, with no metal, a bomb that, right now, is said to be not hands of f.b.i. experts at a laboratory in virginia and trying to answer a key question. could this have gotten past airline security? catherine is on the story like in washington, dc this on, and a spy helped
working for fire safe america, in the united states fire administration priorities. in front of you apacketses for today's witnesses. i recognize myself for five minutes for an opening statement. today's hearing is being held to review the fire service community's priorities for the future of the united states fire administration, the usfa established following the 1973 report of the national commission on fire prevention and control. america burning which recommended the creation of a federal fire agency to provide support to state and local governments and private fire organizations and their efforts to reduce fire death, injurpies and property loss. the usfa is a substantial public sayy mission. although the fire death rate continues to decline, it is higher than more of half the industrialized countries. preparing first responders and health care leaders to react to hazard and terrorism emergencies. it supports the agencies of states and local governments providing training for first responders, educational programs and targeted outreach for communities, and conducting and coord
, the united states, and the japanese. it shows the asia perimeter as it was just before the war. and this was so volatile in 1941 that it will lead the two countries, the united states and japan to act out the stage of battle right here on oahu on december 7th, 1941. in order to show both sides of this story, you're looking at a gallery that is state of mind america. it shows through newsreels from the 1930s to 1941, the kind of the social structure of the united states, the political structure of the united states, and also the military structure of the united states. these are the newsreels that people watched in their theaters. this is how they got their visual news. and this was their interpretation of the going crisis with japan, and also in europe. it was a very dangerous time leading up to 1941, and this shows america caught in between, whether it should intervene or isolate itself from the world events. this part of the exhibit deals with the whole idea of espionage and code breaking. and this machine you see here called the purple decoder machine actually was scrambling
election ad. >>> the daughter of raul castro gets a visa to come to the united states. why some people aren't that you'll happy about that. >>> authorities in georgia on an urgent hunt right now for a man who was seen pointing a rifle at a school bus and then allegedly fire a pistol at a witness. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen here at the hutchison household but one dark stormy evening... there were two things i could tell: she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her what our other cats love, purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was healthy,
as president of the united states. hasn't passed a budget in three years. i'm interested in what it is the president has actually done other than give speeches that makes them believe he deserves another four years. my point is he's a person in love with the sound of his own voice. he loves giving speeches but he doesn't love following through on his promises. >> the economy is not great by any means but there have been millions of jobs that have been created when he took office about 700,000 or 800,000 jobs month were being created and there's been a steady job increase over these months. it's nowhere near where it should be but it is still a lot better than three or four years ago. >> but it's not better. there's over 560,000 people still not employed today that were employed four years ago. if we had the same rate of people that were actually looking for work in the marketplace, we'd be at over 10.5% unemployment. he said he's going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term? if there was ever a voek fjoke promise that wasn't even attempted to be followed through
's timeline to be available by 2020 would even have the capabilities necessary to protect the united states. so it falls away as an alternative, leaving us with the additional vulnerability. the president is unphased adaptive approach recognized that more was needed besides just van denberg air force base and alaska west coast sites in pursuing the approach. the east coast site, in addition to being supported by the u.s. northern commander in 2007-2008, was supported by the institute for defense analysis and the national academies. they have examined the potential contribution of an east coast missile defense site. and these studies have recommended that work begin on the development and deployment of such a site. that's what we're doing the beginning of the assessment and the plan. there's no site that's identified. it's moving forward so we can meet the futuristic, not today's risk, the futuristic that we all know is coming and all have acknowledged. even the president of the united states has knowledge acknowledged. as explained in answer 6, our recommended homeland defense system would
's stake could make him worth $25 billion. the united states border patrol is unveiling a new national strategy. it makes no minutes of the bush administration's border fence. that is out. they are not coming over here now. the number coming from mexico and going to mexico is the same. why not break out the drones? drone them. the united states border patrol has the ability to deploy a drone anywhere in a matter of hours. and the prime suspect in the disappearance of the american teenager, natalee holloway may face trial in the united states. new details. [ donovan ] i hit a wall. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... ne
boys quiet, i never imagined that i would be running for president of the united states. you just never know. [applause] but i also want to promise you, as you graduate from regent today and become an alumnus, he will never join a more defined are collect -- you will never join a more finer club. the dues were stiff, but the benefits are eternal, and will redound not only to you but the people you serve and minister to in the future but i want to congratulate you on one of the finest investment decisions you have ever made, and i don't just mean your new found her earning potential. your decision to come to regent was an act of sheer obedience. that's what it was for susan, and for me, too, the voice of almighty god could coming to reach into university was an excellent decision, it's like changing decision. my purpose today is to remind you that this day would not have occurred without the prayer and vision and work of countless generations who went before you. there would never have been a regent university, there never would have been this lovely, albeit hot ceremony today, without t
be bad for patients who rely on these medications and bad for the competitiveness of the united states. so i'm glad that this reauthorization, mr. president, clearly aways some of the conflict and the underbrush and will reauthorize and strengthen and streamline the review time line for new pharmaceuticals. not only will this provide the kind of predictability and certainty any business needs to succeed but it helps make sure the f.d.a.'s essential regulatory process keeps pace with scientific innovation. in my home state of delaware, there's more than 20,000 jobs that directly rely on biomedical research and innovation, but around the country, it's more than 4 million indirect and more than 675,000 jobs that directly benefit from this area. it's also, frankly, one of our strongest export areas of growth for the long term, so we need this reauthorization now. in my view, moving forward with this legislation also means finding the fine balance between speed and safety, between getting treatments to patients without delay and being certain these new drugs will be effective and safe. in a
on missile defense. "with the united states on a path to a hollow military" he writes, "we are hardly in a position to exercise leadership in persuading allies to spend more on security. the irresponsible defense cuts are clearing the way for our partners to do even less." still what is remarkable about the policy and afghanistan, republicans are giving the president plenty of room. they don't want to argue any other side to this argument about keeping troops there longer. this is a war that is not longer popular with the men public. the other summit with the european economy on the brain, the summit with the most domestic impact may have happened earlier this weekend when the leaders of the world's wealthiest economies met at camp david. the same debate about growth or austerity, spending or cuts will go farthest to spur economic recovery in the long term is being fought out in europe as well and the white house is happy with that they believe is a more unified message on their message from the western km economies after this weekend. >> as all the leaders here today agreed, growth a
: the clerk will report. the clerk: pule j.watford of california to be united states judge for the ninth circuit. mr. reid: madam president, i ask -- let's see. i have a cloture motion. i want that reported, please. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the motion. clerithe clerk: cloture motion: we, the undersigned senators, in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate, do hereby move to bring to a close debate on nomination of paul j. wattford of california to be the united states circuit judge for the ninth circuit signed by 17 senators as follows -- mr. reid: madam president, i would ask that the reading of the names be waived. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent that the mandatory quorum under rule 22 be waived. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i now ask, madam president, the senate resume legislative session. the presiding officer: without objection. the senate resumes legislative session. mr. reid: and what is the pending business? the presiding officer: the motion to proceed to s
is being held to review the priorities for the future of the united states fire administration. the usfa. the usfa was established following the 1973 report on fire prevention and control which recommended the creation of a federal agency to provide support and their efforts to reduce fire deaths, injuries and property loss. it is a substantial public safety mission. although the country's fire death rate continues to decline, it is higher than more than half of the industrialized countries. it prepares first responders and health care leaders. it supports the efforts of state and local governments providing training for first responders, educational programs and targets outreach for communities and conducting the development of technologies for the fire service. the usfa also assists with data collection, analysis and dissemination of best practices for the nation's fire prevention and control in emergency medical services activities. in recent years, there's been an escalation of severe wildfires resulting in home and property loss. this can be attributed to expanding development in wi
for the economy of the united states. i have been a supporter of the export-import bank since i arrived in congress in 1977. simply put, the ex-im bank supports the sales of american-made products overseas when private finances is not available. -- financing is not available. according to the ex-im bank's 2011 annual report, the bank supported $32.7 billion in exports last year, over 288,000 american jobs. many of these jobs are in the pacific northwest and in my congressional district. i ask unanimous consent to put -- and add additional information. the important point srk let's vote for this bill. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from california. mr. miller: i'm pleased to yield one minute to the distinguish mad jort leader, the gentleman from virginia, mr. cantor. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. mr. cantor: i thank the speaker and i thank the gentleman from california. mr. speaker, i rise today to speak in favor of h.r. 2072, securing american jobs through export act of 2011. make no mistake, i am no fan of government sub
, that's false and ludicrous. now, my view on immigration in the united states and illegal immigration is formed from several different areas of experience. first had to do with my role as a staff officer for the third armored cavalry regiment, and providing active duty soldiers to assist with joint operations on a reservation which straddles arizona and mexico to help interdict the smuggling of drugs. it's also informed by my role as a life prosecutor prosecuting albany duis in maricopa county with the passage of an amendment to specifically deny bail to those in the country without lawful authority who committed serious offenses. anytime that i have someone who is a mexican national or even from canada, the accused of a felony dui, they would be admitted to bail in which they would feel to show for subsequent prosecution. then in supervising prosecutions are maricopa county, i dealt first in what circumstances in which drug cartels in mexico would order cars from street gangs in phoenix. which would then be picked up by someone who crossed the border, ostensibly as a one day tourist,
's a very good example of where germany could lead in the future and help the united states and the united kingdom to rebuild our badly weak bridges to the russian leadership as president putin takes power and we must do this because russia's just too important and russia is both in some ways an adversary, not in military terms, but politically, but in some ways it's a friend and partner of the united states. we want to accentuate the friendship and partnership. i think chanceler merkel is perfectly placed to be that bridge for the u.s. to russia. >> terry murphy. good day, sir. quick comment and a two-part question. comment number one is you kind of overlooked the trans-atlantic business dialogue which has been going on for 20 years quite prominently. but secondly on the question of germany, last week i think it was captain harry whales, junior officer of the british army, got an award from the beneficiary council for his efforts to support the wounded warriors of britain and we know that the wounded warriors here are supported by the populous. there was a piece in the paper that wounded
. garamendi's district all the way across the united states to try to respond to that threat. they want somebody who will be there quicker and have the opportunity to respond. all are open-source intelligence -- all our open-source intelligence indicates that iran could have nuclear capability by 2015. i do not think anyone wants to gamble by saying that our adverse eight years -- our adversaries are going to be so slow that we can just wait. we cannot wait. this has a rolling time period in which to get done. you cannot just flick a s witch. we know there is a secret deal with the russians were the president believes he will have greater flexibility after the election -- where the president believes he will have greater flexibility after the election. i think most of us on the committee, a majority, believe that we should not be responding to a secret deal with the russians, but responding to the real needs that we have for national security. we need to do missile defense whether this president wants to or not. when you look at the emerging threats, the open source intelligence, it oft
attack in the united states in view of taking oath not to harm it when he was awarded his american citizenship. he responded that he lied when he took the oath. that shahzad's lie amount to betrayal and does not fall under permissible lying if the enemy during times of war. please request that pakistani taliban brothers to address this matter. also draw their attention to the fact that brother faisal shahzad appeared in photograph alongside commander f masoud. leader of attp. when he acquires american citizenship this requires taking an oath to not to harm america if he is unaware of this matter he should be informed of it. we must act swiftly to remove the suspicion that he engaged in the betrayal. the times square attempted attack was not only one that had the al qaeda no hand in pakistan. it is clear from the letters that the group's indiscriminate attacks, pakistani taliban's indiscrimenant attacks against muslims were of major concern to al qaeda. this led them to write a letter to respected brother massoud, the leader of the ttp. the authors explicitly stated that the satisfa
, will be revitalized and refocused on article v. the united states has f-16 training programs in poland and will retain a base in romania so there is just a few examples of the steps that we have taken as a nation as an alliance to reassure our eastern allies. there is more that can be done but i think those important first step so i've laid out these four problems in my argument is that at the summit and within nato, we are taking steps to deal with all of those problems. doesn't it doesn't mean they go away. but steps are taken to deal with them. >> thank you, madam. >> thank you all very much. i want to start dr. binnendijk with your comments amount missile defense and as mr. brzezinski mentioned earlier, this month we heard russia suggest that they might use preemptive force against missile installations if there is not a topic of agreement reached with nato. do you think this is just posturing? do you think there are -- this represents a heightened -- a heightened threat on the part of russia to oppose the missile defense installation or should we just expect more rhetoric and continue as you sugg
studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the united states and no animal or human data supports the safety of marijuana for general medical use, end of quote. as required by the controlled substance act, the d.e.a. required a scientific and medical valuation and scheduling recommendation. and i quote, that marijuana, the stuff we are saying tonight -- anybody -- and you saw the "60-minute" piece, they come in, buy, they take. we are talking about doctors, the number of doctors ripping off people with objectiony continuin. the number of -- oxycotin. and go down to broward county in florida and go into the pain clinics. there are buses and planes coming down to buy it and doctors are writing prescriptions. so we are going to hide behind it? the number of doctors that ruin young people on oxycotin whereby they died, they died, the doctor says it's ok, but health and human services said, quote, marijuana has a high potential for abuse. has no accepted no medical use in the united states and lacks an acceptable level of safety. i think if this amendment passes and this becom
president of the united states. you did not need treatment. let the people go. >> cenk: get it, smoking mad? angellett on the show today. he's a libertarian. plus stand your ground with a twist. >> if he thought that my brother was threatening him he could have rolled up the window and called the cops. >> but the police did not find anything on him. >> cenk: but this time the races are reversed. what happened? only one way to find out. stay right here because no one% else is covering it. see how a republican dude loses it on the florida. >> not the american way! come out here. >> cenk: we've got great video on that. it's go time. >> cenk: so donald trump is off the reservation. he's a runaway train. talking about the birth of this and transcript of that but the rest of the people aren't buying--or are they? they had this to say. >> as the president made clear in this briefing room when it became a ridiculous distraction last year, you know, the american people are concerned about real issues that confronts this nation. they are concerned principally with the fact that we are still not down
aliens returning to the united states. >> heather: jaw dropping video of an unprovoked attack on an elderly woman by a pit bulls. they are inherently dangerous animals and the ruling could impact owners of every breed of dog. >> gregg: fox news alert. the numbers are in. voters in france electing their first socialist president in two decades, francoise hollande. minutes after the polls closed. nicolas sarkozy admitted defeat. greg palkot is following it from paris with the latest. >> reporter: gregg, it was tight according to projections, only about 51% to 49% but socialist candidate francoise hollande did it beating nicolas sarkozy. we in the crowd at the very moment in front of socialist headquarters when the projections announced. take a look at what we heard and what we saw. >> it's an incredible town here. we are here on the left bank of paris after years in the political wasteland, supporters of the socialist party of francoise hollande, word has come out through the survey and polls that their man has one. listen to the crowd now. its wild scene. >> i love francoise. i
is recognized for five minutes. mr. fattah: the congress of the united states in a bipartisan vote passed the energy independence and security act of 2007. it was signed into law by president bush. it just suggests that in federal procurement when we seek an energy that the department should use, energy efficient sources, so that we don't rely on unnecessary middle eastern supplies for oil, this removes this requirement. so i hope we would vote against it. this has been a part of the law for a number of years now and has helped save taxpayers money. so i would ask for a no vote on the amendment. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman yield back? -- the chair: does the gentleman yield back? mr. fattah: i'd be glad to yield. mr. dicks: this is an effort to overturn a law that was passed in 2007 that says -- try to do the most energy efficient approach to running the government. i mean, i think -- mr. flores: if the gentleman will yield? mr. dicks: i think it's common sense and i urge a no vote on the amendment. the chair: does the gentleman yield his time? mr. fattah: i'd be glad to yi
is now appealing to president obama to get his family out. he wants to go to the united states and he's even said to president barack obama in the interview we have with him, please president barack obama, do everything you can to get me out of this country. >> it's apparent he's had a change of heart. >> reporter: he was very explicit. >> well, i understand. he says he wants to leave this country and he's in fear of his life. >> we need to first have that conversation with him and we need to make sure what his desires are and we'll take that up and start discussing that. we need to explore all of the options. >> reporter: ambassador locke was by chen's side every step of the way as he left the embassy. time and again he told me this was chen's own decision. >> and we said what is your choice? what do you want to do? are you ready to leave and we just stopped, and then two minutes later he jumped up beaming, excited, happy and says let's go. >> reporter: chen guangcheng remains in his hospital bed. his wife and children alongside him, but they fear being sent back to their village whe
, here we go again, president obama was born in the united states and so the arizona secretary of state is expected to declare that president obama will be on the ballot. and in pakistan, the doctor who helped us find osama bin laden has been sent to 30 years in prison for treason. they say he betrayed pakistan by helping the c.i.a. oh, my god. maybe you ought to send the c.i.a. in to rescue the doctor get him out of prison. if we can get osama bin laden, we could get the doctor out of a pakistani prison, seems to me. so much to talk about. so much you're going to want to talk about. 1-866-55-press is our toll free number. how you join the conversation. and join our team press here. peter ogborn and dan henning and cyprian bowlding, good morning all. ready to go? >> yes sir. >> bill: we're getting close to memorial day weekend you know. >> i didn't even notice. >> bill: into the homestretch here. slowing down a bit. you can tell in the news. >> yeah. >> bill: and in the capital. people already heading ou
the boarder from mexico and picked that lettuce for us, because there's -- the population of the united states there won't support that type of industry. i'm a mormon. proud to be a mormon. and russell pearce was in a heavily mormon district in arizona. and i was offended by his bigotry and his approach to hispanic people. beginningoistic approach. i come from a very right wing republican family. i, myself, have right of ging gas khan. i will tell you that when this immigration became an issue in arizona one of my brothers called me up and said, daryl, let's join the group that goes down with their guns, let get our guns and go down the board somewhere force the border policy. and i said -- now, my brother is a businessman, and i being a lawyer thought, well, let me think about this a little while. and so i began to study it out and to write an essay which is available, i think on the website. if -- or if you don't have it. if you go to my bio here in the thing, write to daryl williams i'll send awe copy of this essay because i wanted to study out what it was that made people so emotional and
recovered and traced from drug cartel crimes in mexico originate in the united states. so in light of the positive impact the m.s.r. has had, what is the house voting to do this week? that's right, repeal the measure. a policy rider in the commerce, justice and science 2013 appropriations bill would cut all funding for reporting the sale of multiple semi automatic rifles. yes, this house will vote to block funding successfully removing semi automatic rifles from the underground gun trade. these are the guns that endanger americans along the border and fuel an allout war in a neighboring country. ending the m.s.r. requirement is not about protecting anyone's rights. reporting the sale of multiple semi-automatic rifles does not infringe on second amendment rights. in fact, a similar multiple sales requirement has been in place for handguns for over 20 years. the necessary paperwork takes gun dealers 12 minutes to complete but can give law enforcement crucial intelligence on straw purchased rifles. a george bush-appointed federal judge upheld the m.s.r. requirement, finding it did not
that you are legally allowed to work in the united states. the thing is, to correct a lot of the errors in the government systems and databases, the government won't release a lot of that information to you without something call add privacy act request, because that information is personal. it takes a lot of time to get that. the average amount of time is 104 days. you have 120 days maximum to solve a tentative non-confirmation. so that doesn't leave a lot of time or space for somebody running through and e-verify system to solve the problem to make sure they are legal. now, if you're going to look at the bureaucratic steps for solving the e-verify problem. i wish i had brought this up, but the gao documents said in a december 2010 study of e-verify, it fills up a whole page of arrows. diagrams with arrows. people talking to other bureaucrats, other systems, getting information from here and government and going back to the employer. quite frankly when we have an unemployment rate of between 8% and 9%, the economy is suffering, the last thing we want to do is make the system more compl
% of consumption in the united states, the lion's share of that, 45% of total consumption was in passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks. what do we do about that gas guzzling that is going on? the thing we do is to look at how we can change how many miles to the gallon we get. and two, -- and to the president's credit, his administration has put in place these new standards, known to all of us as cafe standards that will double the u.s. efficiency of fleet of automobiles averaging a fleet-wide average of 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025. what does that do once we get there in 2025? that means we as consumers will save $1.7 trillion at the pump over the life of the program. a family that purchases a new vehicle in 2025 will save $8,200 in fuel costs when compared with a similar vehicle in 2010. so the life of the program, the standard will save 12 billion barrels of oil and eliminate 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution. the solutions are there for us. the solutions are we move to these cafe standards and address the issues around speculation and we keep the robust doing that is
and concluded after extensive public notice and comment by adopting the guidelines that the united states access board developed in 2004 during the george bush administration. certain members of the hotel industry have claimed that the regulations require all owners to require fixed lifts and this is costly and burdensome and owners who can't afford it will have to shut down their pools or face penalties. these claims are false. as required by congress, the justice department has increased access to newly existing pools, rules that have been under development for almost 15 years. new pools must be built with either a sloped entry into the pool or a pool lift under these new rules. for existing pools, owners will have to do what is readily achievable based on the size and resource of the owner's business. if it is readily achievable which is defined as easily accomplished to be carried out, a business should take the same steps to improve an existing pool. this means that if a fixed lift can be installed easily and inexpensively, it should be. if installing a fixed lift is too expensive or diffic
, but always, is that a woman who emigrates to the united states using a service like this can end up dependent for her immigration status in this country on the american man to whom she has just been married for a fee. and if that man starts beating her up, a woman can kind of be trapped. you don't want to stay with the abusive guy who bought her hand on the internet, but if she leaves, she may get forted. that's the choice, stay with the man who's beating you or get deported. to help women out of that disgusting and dangerous trap, there is a program by which women who are being abused and whose immigration status depends on being married to their abuser, those women can in a low-key way without tipping off the guy who is beating them, they can apply for legal immigration status in this country that's unconnected to the abusive husband. it is a special visa program under the violence against women act. republicans in washington are right to roll that back. the violence against women act was first passed almost 20 years ago. when he was in the senate, vice president joe biden wrote the origina
that affects only my district, in other districts in the united states, which signals out the residents of the district of columbia and say you women will not be subject to the constitutional mandate of roe versus wade. you alone can have an abortion only until 20 weeks. by the way, don't talk to us about how this violates the 14th amendment as well, which treats you differently from women in other states. not only are we going to try to impose that on you, but we don't want to hear from the only voice you have in the house, you have no voice in the senate, we shut her up, so we don't hear from d.c. residents at all. fortunately, we do have a young woman who has gone through this experience who has a very relevant story to show. but nobody who can speak for, who has been elected by the representatives of the district ofya columbia, an all-male panel will hear why they should have their roe versus wade with rights discussed tomorrow. >> in this case, he's specifically going after d.c., but he has pushed anti-abortion legislation every time he has the opportunity. why do you think somethi
thumbs up. and kicks its current president out of office. what does that mean for us in the united states? president obama already extending the new guy an invite to the big house, the white house. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we worship you! >> yes, indeed. >> i have yet to see that movie, by the way. >> happy birthday, brian kilmeade and my friend todd who celebrates today. >> and maureen in make-up. >> by the way, i have one question for you guys -- what is black and white and lies all the time? >> what? >> a panda on weight watchers. >> oh, yeah! >> i just thought of this joke and i just wanted to share. >> yeah, i think the third time is the charm. >> on "saturday night live." yeah, we've made it. >> we opened up the show on "saturday night live." >> it's so weird. we leave on friday morning, next thing you know we see our couch on tv on another show. >> actually i like their couch better. let's be honest. >> i'll tell you, it's weird. i'm in a restaurant and my wife is looking over my shoulder and starts saying, she goes uh-oh. >> you were out that late? >> i'm allow
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